Air Filter Indicator Gauge with Sensor for Trucks and Cars


Product Description:

The digital Load Pressure Gauge for Trucks connects to the airline from your air bags and will display the load pressure on the bags in PSI. Teltek USA gauges are best in class and backed by over 20 years of design and manufacturing.


  • Made in the USA and secured with a  Lifetime Warranty
  • Programmable change filter light. Normal is set to 16 or 18 "H2O, but gauge can be set anywhere from 0-40"H2O
  • After changing the filter, gauge resets itself automatically
  • Mounts in the standard 2 1/16" hole which fits most dashes. If 2 1/16" hole not available, can install in a mounting bracket, display or pillar.
  • Easy installation instructions included
  • Lifetime warranty, excluding abuse


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Lifetime Warranty



 Protect your engine cylinders from the wear caused by particulate matter with the digital precision of an Air Filter Monitor Gauge.

The top end Teltek air filter gauge is Made in the U.S.A. and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The air filter gauge warning light can be set to come on at a certain display reading. Usual settings are 18”H2O or 16”H2O. The air filter gauge resets itself after the air filter has been changed. Teltek makes precise gauges that will last you through the life of your truck.

The digital air filter gauge comes in two bezels, black and chrome. Chrome tends to highlight a truck dash, while the black bezel is more subdued and blends in with the other décor.

The display gauge of air filter indicator is a large number red or blue LED screen. The LED display is strong enough for the gauges to be read easily in the day time. The air filter monitor gauge is simple, durable and precise.

Installation of the air filter restriction gauge can be completed, relatively, without any trouble. The air filter display gauge fits in a standard truck 2 1/16” hollow in the dash.

Air filters are vital to ensure peak engine performance. They keep your engine cylinders free from particles that wear down the engine, contaminate the motor oil, and shorten its useful lifespan. Severe issues can develop in the engine without an air filter monitor. Manufacturers recommend periodically inspecting and preserving an air filter to get the best performance. Unless you have diagnostic equipment, an air filter monitor display gauge is an excellent option for monitoring the filter.

The two most popular air filters in automobiles are for the internal combustion engine and the passenger cabin. The passenger cabin air filter is frequently made of paper and limits the air flow from the vents. The majority of automobiles with internal combustion engines and fuel injection make sure of the pleated paper filter inserted into a plastic pack. The advantages of the paper filters are high proficiency at a low cost with relatively simple service. In contrast to the myth that paper filters reduce flow, experts show that the restriction of airflow caused by a properly fitted paper air filter is insignificant unless the filter is choked with particle matter and dust.

Properly functioning air filters provide a multitude of benefits: better gas mileage, higher horse power and a more immediate throttle reaction. Invest in a Teltek USA air filter monitor display gauge to keep your truck running at it’s peak performance level and protect your engine so it continues to run strong for years to come.

Our gauges are made by Teltek USA, over 20 years in business and the most respected manufacturer of commercial aftermarket gauges and meters for semi trucks and autos

C ompatible with: Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, Hino, International, Izuzu, Kenworth, Mack, Mitsubishi, Peterbilt, Sterling, Universal, Volvo, and Western Star


  • Kenworth air filter indictor
  • Peterbilt air filter sensor gauge
  • tractor trailer aftermarket air filter
  • Teltek air filter gauge
  • Teltek air filter restriction gauge

Warranty Information:

Teltek USA lifetime warranty, excluding abuse.

Compatible with:

Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, Hino, International, Izuzu, Kenworth, Mack, Mitsubishi, Peterbilt, Sterling and Volvo


Semi truck load weight gauge, Semi truck load trailer gauge, Load trailer for trucks, Tractor trailer aftermarket load weight gauge.

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Filter Indicator Spot On

99% accuracy as far as I can guess :)

Does the job

Was kinda curious how well this would work, but I am more than impressed so far. The shipping was lighting fast and I am more than happy. 4 stars

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