Pyrometer Gauge W / CHROME BEZEL Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor for Trucks and Cars


Product Description:

The digital Load Pressure Gauge for Trucks connects to the airline from your air bags and will display the load pressure on the bags in PSI. Teltek USA gauges are best in class and backed by over 20 years of design and manufacturing.


  • Made in the USA and secured with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Temp range: 40°F to 1850°F
  • Programmable high temp alert
  • Choose between the following mounting hole sizes: Small (2 1/16"), Medium (3"), Large (fits 3 1/8" and 3 3/8")
  • Includes gauge, thermocouple and lead wire
  • Easy installation instructions included
  • Lifetime warranty, excluding abuse and the sensor cables


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Monitoring the exhaust gas temp with an EGT Pyrometer Gauge can save you money.

This best-in-class, Teltek digital pyrometer exhaust gas temp gauge is Made in the U.S.A. and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The pyrometer gauge measures temperatures from 40 to 1850° F. The diesel exhaust temperature sensor comes with a thermocouple and lead wire. The stylized chrome or black bezel gauge fits in either a 3 1/8” or 3 3/8” mounting hole.

According to Diesel Power magazine, exhaust gas temperature is the second most important factor, after oil pressure, to maintaining the health and operating efficiency of your diesel engine. Excessive engine exhaust temperature can cause a wide range of problems for your diesel engine, from lost fuel efficiency to increased maintenance costs to catastrophic engine failure. Monitoring your exhaust gas temperature is crucial to keeping your diesel power running smoothly for longer. Oddly, while an oil pressure gauge is standard equipment on most trucks and diesel machines, almost none of them have a way to measure exhaust gas temperature (EGT).

Fortunately, it’s easy to keep your diesel engine operating at peak efficiency for longer with an aftermarket EGT-monitoring pyrometer gauge from Teltek USA. The Teltek USA diesel exhaust temp gauge is easy to install, easy to read, and guaranteed accurate for the life of your engine. Don’t let extreme engine exhaust gas temperatures ruin your engine and catch you by surprise.

EGT refers to the temperature of the gasses produced in the combustion process in your diesel engine. Fuel and air combine in the cylinders and combust, producing expanding gasses that drive the pistons. After combusting, they are delivered through the exhaust manifold to the exhaust pipes. The temperature of these gasses is an indication of how hot the combustion process is, how much fuel is wasted afterburning in the manifold, and the air/fuel mixture in the cylinders. A higher ratio of fuel to air can be caused either by a damaged fuel injector adding too much fuel, or a restriction in the air supply, which can be caused by a soiled air filter, a blocked air intake, a blockage in the radiator or intercooler, an overheated radiator, or even high altitude or high temperature. High water temperature or excessive smoke in the exhaust (indicating unburned fuel) can be an indication of some of these problems, but for timelier and more accurate indications, you need a diesel engine pyrometer gauge from Teltek USA.

While the engine block and exhaust manifolds of your diesel engine are designed to withstand the high temperatures of exhaust gases, extremely high exhaust gas temperatures can cause damage to parts that are not as hardy. Your turbocharger, for example, can become warped and imbalanced with exposure to high temperature exhaust gasses. In extreme cases, the imbalance can throw your turbo into overspeed or even destroy the bearings on which it spins. High temperature gasses can damage your exhaust system, including the manifold, muffler, and exhaust pipes. Prolonged exposure to high temperature gasses may also cause pistons and cylinders warp, crack, or even melt over time. Fixing problems of that magnitude could require a time-consuming and expensive engine overhaul. But you can prevent those sorts of problems before they happen with a diesel engine pyrometer gauge from Teltek USA.

Even without modification, different manufacturers and different models of diesel engines can cause different amounts of gas temperature stress on various parts of the engine. Modified engines can be even more unique in the way exhaust gasses can cause stress and damage. That is why the Teltek USA aftermarket temperature gauge comes with a thermocouple probe that you can mount almost anywhere in the most vulnerable parts of your engine. The probe and mounting brackets are designed to resist the worst heat and vibration that your diesel engine can dish out, and deliver accurate temperature information to your Teltek USA pyrometer gauge for the life of the engine.

The Teltek USA aftermarket diesel exhaust temp gauge is easy to install, easy to program, and easy to read. The red or blue LED displays exhaust temperatures from 40° to 1850° Fahrenheit, and can be programmed to display a high temperature alert at any temperature of your choice. Each gauge comes with installation instructions, sensors and cables. The gauge and probe are both guaranteed by Teltek USA against failure for the life of your engine.

Extreme exhaust gas temperatures can significantly decrease your diesel engine’s life span, and can even cause catastrophic engine failure if not detected early. The Teltek USA diesel engine pyrometer can detect high EGT before they cause problems.


Install a reliable diesel pyrometer gauge to catch the first signs of your engine overheating. Pick a Teltek USA exhaust gas pyrometer gauge today!

Our gauges are made by Teltek USA, over 20 years in business and the most respected manufacturer of commercial aftermarket gauges and meters for semi trucks and autos

Compatible with: Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, Hino, International, Izuzu, Kenworth, Mack, Mitsubishi, Peterbilt, Sterling, Universal, Volvo, and Western Star


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Warranty Information:

Teltek USA lifetime warranty, excluding abuse.

Compatible with:

Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, Hino, International, Izuzu, Kenworth, Mack, Mitsubishi, Peterbilt, Sterling and Volvo


Semi truck load weight gauge, Semi truck load trailer gauge, Load trailer for trucks, Tractor trailer aftermarket load weight gauge.

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