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The digital Load Pressure Gauge for Trucks connects to the airline from your air bags and will display the load pressure on the bags in PSI. Teltek USA gauges are best in class and backed by over 20 years of design and manufacturing.


  • Made in the USA and secured with a Lifetime Warranty
  • MAX LOAD 100,000lbs.
  • Calibrate at 34,000 lbs on scale and gauges will be accurate within ±100 lbs.
  • Mounts in the standard 2 1/16" hole which fits most dashes. If no available 2 1/16" mounting hole, can install in mounting bracket, display or pillar.
  • Lifetime warranty, excluding abuse.
  • 1 second delay on display, so display value does not jump around while driving.


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 Know how much your semi truck-trailer is hauling with the digital accuracy of an onboard truck scales gauge. A portable digital scale gauge enables you to see the haul weight you are carrying on your truck's air suspension. One can calibrate the truck weight scale gauge on a scale to the legal limit, and the gauge will be accurate to 100 lbs when fully loaded. It only takes half a minute to calibrate, and the gauge will not need to be calibrated again even if it is removed from the truck temporarily. The truck scales gauge is built to be accurate to the legal limit, so the gauge will be less accurate when there is a small, or no load on the truck's trailer.

Pounds are displayed in the thousands on the gauge in LED. For example, if the load weight was 33,900 lbs. the LED would read “33.9”. Calibration of the digital on board truck scales gauge is simple. Weigh the semi truck-trailer at 34,000 lbs on the axles, and hold the button on the display until the LED locks. Take your finger off the button and then press until the display reads "34.0." Now the accurate load weight will be displayed. The onboard truck scales gauge also comes with a button to select the display delay. The 1 second setting is best for loading, while the 60 second setting is best for driving. The display stays steady and will only display an up to date reading every minute, instead of constantly changing.

The Teltek onboard truck scales gauge slides into the standard 2 1/16” dash slot. The bezel color of the precision digital scale can be chrome or black. Customers usually order the bezel that best matches the rest of the interior of their truck cab. The red or blue LED display makes for a nice addition to the truck dash. The LED display supplies ample light so the digits are readable in direct sunlight. The digital on board truck scales gauge reports weights from zero to 33,900 lbs. Teltek gauges have precise sensors.

The Teltek aftermarket on board truck scales gauge comes with a Lifetime Warranty. For styling, high accuracy, and quality sensor gauges, you have come to the right place.

Our gauges are made by Teltek USA, over 20 years in business and the most respected manufacturer of commercial aftermarket gauges and meters for semi trucks and autos

Compatible with: Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, Hino, International, Izuzu, Kenworth, Mack, Mitsubishi, Peterbilt, Sterling and Volvo


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Warranty Information:

Teltek USA lifetime warranty, excluding abuse.

Compatible with:

Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, Hino, International, Izuzu, Kenworth, Mack, Mitsubishi, Peterbilt, Sterling and Volvo


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