In many of todays businesses things have become automated. This is both good and bad for consumers. The upside for many of us making purchases is that we can have most of what we want, when we want it and very quickly, I might say! Our society has become accustomed to not getting great service and dealing with it. Rarely do we call a customer service # and talk to an actual representative of the company that can make things happen. More often then not we get an automated response or someone that is outsourced and most times put on indefinite hold. Just last week my wife and I were dinning at a very nice steakhouse. I look over at a large group that is dinning just in earshot. I lean over to my wife, chuckling under my breath, and tell her to look at all eight twenty somethings, face down in their mobile devices instead of communicating the old fashioned way - with their lips. When I say all eight, literally all eight of them were saying nothing to each other but were going at their phones like they were having a thumb war! Somewhere along the line this has become normal! We are slaves to social media and the digital, high paced world that we live in. I believe anyone with a pulse is guilty of this to some degree, I know I am but not to the extremes I see all around me. I make a conscious effort to put the electronics down. More and more I find myself willing to spend a little more for great customer service or personal attention. I find myself tipping better when waitresses and waiters are more attentive. This is why my wife and I decided that with our online business we would personally answer each call we receive. We will go above and beyond to make sure our customers don't feel like just another number. So when anyone calls the call is answered directly by the owner. We will do any and everything we can to give our customers a first class experience. We will work to fix any issues that may arise with your order. I leave everyone with this thought: As we move forward let's all work toward a higher level of customer service in business, kindness between strangers and vocal communication in all relationships!

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